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Republic app for iOS
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Investors like Binance Labs, Neo Global Capital, ZK Capital, and Fabric Ventures use Radar to discover their next investments

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  • What is Radar?

    Radar is a platform to help the best crypto and blockchain startups get visibility with top investors in the space.

  • I’m an investor, how do I get access?

    Access to Radar is currently restricted to a small group of trusted, high value investors in the crypto space. If you consider yourself among them and would like an invitation, please email us!

  • Does Republic vet deals on Radar?

    Radar comprehensively tracks a wide range of new projects which are fundraising at any given point in time. The Radar team screens new referrals and applications, and may remove any which are obviously not suitable for the platform. Beyond this, Radar does not vet deals, relying on external signal and investors’ preferences to highlight the projects most relevant to them.

  • Which investors are on Radar?

    VC partners using Radar today include noted investment firms in California, New York, Texas, Chicago, Europe, MENA, and Asia.

  • Is this the same as Republic Crypto?

    Radar leverages Republic Crypto’s robust deal pipeline, referrals from VC partners, and direct applications. This means Radar includes a broad range of projects industry-wide, not limited to those seeking to fundraise crowdfund in the near future.

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