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The Republic Crypto Team is excited to work with you. Tell us about your company to help us move you in the right direction. Radar is the common submission to all of Republic's fundraising services, if you’d like to use any of our other fundraising services, including introductions to VCs, let us know in the 'Fundraising services' section.

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Fundraising services

Let us know which fundraising services you're interested in. This allows us to present you to the appropriate parties to get you introductions faster.
Radar will present your company and information to our network of VC investors looking to invest in blockchain projects. This is a powerful and material way to connect your project with top VCs.
Raise from anyone and everyone. Sell equity or tokens to retail investors through an equity crowdfunding campaign.
Incentivize your community of supporters through a targeted airdrop or reward participants for performing small tasks in compliance with US securities laws.
Raise an uncapped amount of capital from accredited investors under Reg D and Reg S through our SPV Syndication or our Broker-Dealer partners.
Republic provides consulting services on tokenization of traditional assets such as equity and real estate in addition to preparing for follow-on capital raising.

Founder contact information

Most investors won't request an introduction unless they can directly contact the founder.

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Thanks for applying to be on Radar. You will receive an email once your application is approved.

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What is Radar?

Radar is the first point of entry into Republic's expansive fundraising ecosystem, designed to introduce emerging blockchain projects to fundraising options and opportunities.

What is an "expansive fundraising ecosystem"?

Republic serves any and all fundraising needs — from raising capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors, to advisory services, KYC/AML accreditation, and syndication. Radar puts your company in front of the Republic team and a network of leading investors in the blockchain space looking for their next investment.

Which investors are on Radar?

Radar is currently being used by a geographically distributed collection of VC firms and family offices. Investors from California, New York, Texas, Chicago, Europe, MENA, and Asia are shown projects that would usually not reach them. An updated list of firms is available on the Radar homepage.

What happens after I submit this?

After we give your information a quick review, we present your company to the Republic team and investors using Radar. When someone thinks your company is a good fit, they ask us for an introduction. After asking if you want the introduction too, we set it up.